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REMARKS: Pro-Trump singer flaunts ‘Build the Wall’ dress at Grammys

emoji-ts Updated 11 days ago, Mon Feb 11, 2019
‘I don’t care what anyone thinks’: Pro-Trump singer flaunts ‘Build the Wall’ dress at the Grammys
Joy Villa

“I believe in building the wall to protect our southern border, not to keep people out but to protect the citizens of our country, I’m part Latina, I’m black and I believe in what the president’s saying. This to me is a representation of that, in a very visual way. . . . I always make a statement.”

Singer Joy Villa shocks Grammys by dressing as 'Donald Trump's border wall'
Joy Villa

“It's time for the silent majority to stand up and take a strong and positive position on our Border Security!”

Joy Villa faces backlash, 'sheer hatred' over 'build the wall' Grammys dress
Joy Villa

“The amount of sheer hatred, racism & violent ignorance thrown at me for wearing my support would be heartbreaking if it weren’t so over the top hilarious, I’ve only been called a 'nappy headed(N-word)' or 'monkey face' by POC (people of color). #Grammys2019 #lovingliberals #thelovingleft”

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Ricky Martin

“Cool cat for a date at The Grammys!!!”

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