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REMARKS: Australian UFC superstar Robert Whittaker pulls out of UFC 234 fight

emoji-ts Updated 12 days ago, Mon Feb 11, 2019
Dana White: Robert Whittaker's injury 'could have been fatal' if he fought at UFC 234
Dana White

“This was one of those freak accidents where the doctor said he'd literally never seen this type of injury in a young person - this usually happens to old people, They think he's had this problem and it's been going in and out, and it's one of those situations had it popped out during the fight, it could have been fatal for him. We don't know exactly what happened with the doctor. Hopefully they popped it back in and sewed it up, and if that's the case, it'll be four weeks. But this was a freak, freak injury.”

Whittaker meets Gastelum, Adesanya takes on Silva at UFC 234
Anderson Silva

“He’s a great talent, He has a great future in this sport, so I’m very lucky to come here and fight. It’s a good challenge for me, but I believe it’s a big challenge for Israel.”

UFC 234 live stream FREE: How to watch Silva vs Adesanya and Whittaker vs Gasterlum
Anderson Silva

“Inside the cage, everybody is not joking. Sometimes big accidents happen. I broke my leg. Sometimes you cut your face and back to home and look at your family and look at your kids. Everybody looks at you and says, ‘Why do you do that?’ It’s a passion. You love your job, you keep doing it. My family respects my job and respect my dreams. That’s why I continue to fight.”

Whittaker meets Gastelum, Adesanya takes on Silva at UFC 234
Robert Whittaker

“Kelvin is the biggest hurdle in my way, and he’s a true test, He’s going to be a true test of my character and my abilities. I look forward to learning something from it and growing.”

Israel Adesanya defeats Anderson Silva in bout upgraded to main event at UFC 234
Israel Adesanya

“This is like, for a kid, if I played basketball against Michael Jordan ... this is it for me, Anderson, thank you. You've been doing this for a long time my friend, I appreciate you.”

Adesanya scores unanimous win over Silva in UFC 234
Israel Adesanya

“This is crazy, this is like for a kid just to play. If I'm playing basketball, to play Michael Jordan, This is it for me, I don't do EA Sports, this is for real.”

Whittaker meets Gastelum, Adesanya takes on Silva at UFC 234
Israel Adesanya

“I saw the odds this week, and I was like, 'Man, y'all must have forgot,' You don't know that man over there, Anderson Silva. I think a lot of you new fans weren't around during his reign. What it felt like. You might have come around the Rousey era or the McGregor era, but you don't realize who this guy is. He brought me into this game. This guy inspired me to believe a skinny black guy can just come in here and (beat) everyone up.”

Whittaker meets Gastelum, Adesanya takes on Silva at UFC 234
Kelvin Gastelum

“People didn’t like me for my entire career, This isn’t a surprise to me.”

Conor McGregor calls for super-fight with UFC legend Anderson Silva after Brazlian loses to Israel Adasanya
Conor McGregor

“Anderson is one crafty, crafty Martial Artist.”

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